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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get mortgage with no deposit?

Sadly not, you need at least a 5% minimum deposit. For more information see our guide

Do you offer weekend appointments?

Yes, we do!  You can book a weekend appointment via our “Get Started” button.  Please note, if you don’t confirm the appointment we wont call, this is due to several people booking weekend appointments and not answering the call.

Do you offer Zoom appointments?

Yes, if you want face to face advice but not via an office or home based appointment, we can offer you a Zoom call.  You need to click “Get Started” and select online appointment when prompted.

Do you offer out of hours appointments?

You can book a weekend appointment right up to 9pm, just click “Get Started”

Can I have an office-based appointment?

We love to meet our clients face to face!  To arrange an office-based appointment click “Get Started” and select Office as the location.

Do you do home visits?

Yes, a Local Mortgage Advisor can visit your home if this is your preference.